Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Defeat the Debt... Yea Right...

So I just saw this on CNBC...

- from Defeat the Debt

I understand the fear about our enormous national debt to China, but quit using the "Won't someone think of the children?" argument. It is trite and classless. Do you think those kids really care what their parents pay in taxes? Do you think they even know their future profession? If you think they do, I have some valuable commercial real estate in Northeast Ohio to sell you... Seriously, the debates about economic stimulus, healthcare, and energy have demonstrated my greatest fear about the USA. Our citizens are getting dumber by the day, and corporations/lobbyists are manipulating the masses through fear tactics.

Disagree with me? Go back to drinking your high fructose corn syrup and watching Michael Jackson E! News Coverage. I am sorry to have tried to make you think, I know it makes your head hurt.


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