Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fan Kills Metal Star

Tragedy in Columbus

4 people died because some pudwack needed to bring a gun to a show.

If you ever bring a gun to my show, ask yourself, "what the fuck I am doing?"

Cops shouldn't have shot that guy, they should have sent his ass to Iraq.

My heart goes out to Dimebag, the murdered fans, and the families of those innocent people.

Musicians are not meant to inspire violence, but sometimes ignorance breeds it.

Let us not blame music, but instead the recklessly violent culture that is taking control over the States.

Our foreign and domestic policies caused this violence moreso than the music of Pantera or Damageplan.

Let music fans all around the world use this tragedy in Columbus as a challenge to return to the peaceful means of expressing yourselves (as the hippies before us)

The main point of the raver movement is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

This is what music needs more than ever.

Nathan Gale, you deserve to rot in hell for eternity, if it exists.