Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At 2:40 PM I almost died

Today I realized something about how the world works. If you are rich, or well-off, or have parents or a spouse that are, life comes very easy. The problem with the world is that not everyone is rich, in fact most people in this world are poor.

We have a large third world country on the southern border of the United States called Mexico. It is full of people that suffer under a corrupt government and satanism. It is only natural to think that these people need to better their lives, but is that really possible? Not in Mexico.

So a few guys come over the border to clean some houses and mow some lawns what is wrong with that? Well, our healthcare system, schools, police force, and neighborhoods suffer. It is a one-sided defense to say that all illegal immigrants are hard working and have an equal right to be here as any citizen of the States.

My father was a legal immigrant in the late 1960s, he worked his ass off to get a scholarship at an English medical school abroad and later was accepted to do residency in the States. He went through the natural process of achieving the pursuit of happiness.

Illegal immigrants are stealing their way into America. So many legal immigrants have had to go through the goverment processes yet our country continues to let the porous Mexican border exist. Not all of these immigrants are bad, and that needs to be emphasized here.

There are on the other hand many evil people coming across the border. Today, I was driving through the Milam and Elgin intersection when I was sideswiped by three men running a red light. They were going around 45 MPH and I tried to slow down, but I was probably going 30. My car was shot towards the corner of the intersection, luckily no one was there, and I got out of my car slowly, looked over at the other car, three mexicans, all running down the street leaving "their" car behind. if I didn't try to slow down, they would have plowed right into the driver's side door, and I would have been killed or fucked up. It is my opinion that these men would have run away from a dead me, faster than they did the live me.

The fact of the matter is that these men are criminals, and their race has something to do with it. Illegal Mexican immigrants should be treated as criminals and thrown into American jail. There is no reason to continue to let degenerates into our country, catch them and throw them out just so they can waltz back in. If these men get into another accident, the next victim most likely won't be as lucky as I.

I know that spelling or grammar may be wrong in this rant, but I had a minor concussion and I am pissed off at the world and life. It is cold, lonely, and when you die, that is when you are rewarded for the suffering endured.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect does not equal Existential Anarchy

I still love everyone that cares about me, and I hope you are glad I am still alive.