Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Healthcare Reform Victims

I have been saying this for months... Why would you defend corrupt billion dollar industries that don't give a crap about you?


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Away Messages (infinite series of reports)

JM writes...

"Everyones panties are all in a twist over torture...I say step up the waterboarding a notch to real torture instead of that pussy Sh#@!! and then throw Nancy Pelosi in there for the hell of it."


Oh boy, I don't know if it is even worth posting these away messages anymore. I keep doing it because it qualifies under the "Stupidity" part of Random Stupidity. Where to start? Water boarding is not pussy shit. Anyone who has had it done to them will back me up on that. In fact, they will all say that it is torture. Are my panties in a twist? I think not, but I do think that America has an opportunity to be a moral leader in a world of anarchy. When it comes to national security, I understand that there is a gray area in between torture and interrogation. Just imagine yourself or your friends and family being suspected of terrorism, and then tortured unjustly. I am not saying that all detainees are innocent, but if there are even a few, I would not be in favor of torture. The radical terrorists are willing to kill themselves, why do we think torture will yield anything but more hatred? This is something JM doesn't understand. I am starting to wonder what kind of Nazi blood orgy he took part in. His recent away messages and comments are indicative of an ongoing problem amongst whiny white republicans that think that they are about to be ethnically cleansed. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle a nigger (black)?

Giant Donut in the Sky, HELP US!


Defeat the Debt... Yea Right...

So I just saw this on CNBC...

- from Defeat the Debt

I understand the fear about our enormous national debt to China, but quit using the "Won't someone think of the children?" argument. It is trite and classless. Do you think those kids really care what their parents pay in taxes? Do you think they even know their future profession? If you think they do, I have some valuable commercial real estate in Northeast Ohio to sell you... Seriously, the debates about economic stimulus, healthcare, and energy have demonstrated my greatest fear about the USA. Our citizens are getting dumber by the day, and corporations/lobbyists are manipulating the masses through fear tactics.

Disagree with me? Go back to drinking your high fructose corn syrup and watching Michael Jackson E! News Coverage. I am sorry to have tried to make you think, I know it makes your head hurt.