Thursday, April 12, 2007

Microsuck (an infinite series of reports)

Do I have to explain how stupid this is?

I apparently didn't have WindowsDefender.msi, but I did.

Anyways have a nice day.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Robot Humps (a Mr. Bungle Video?)

I hope I don't have to explain how this is randomly stupid.

That song rules.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotcha!

EL BABA: nooo wrasif!

EL BABA: u were the last great hope!
PC: april fools
PC: hehe
El BABA: damn
PC: gotcha bab
El BABA: a$holde
El BABA: I was worried for a second
PC: I am going to blog this IM if that is okay with you
El BABA: that is fine
El BABA: you got me good
PC: keeping our IM identities secret of course
El BABA: I was really scared
El BABA: that you were going to be a cpa
El BABA: forever
PC: hahaha
PC: why can't I be both?
El BABA: that is true
El BABA: it is like your super power
PC: but yea, I got you
El BABA: yea yea
El BABA: aight
PC: I am going to be in NYC in early May
El BABA: gonna go back to being productive
El BABA: hit me up when you're here

David Jaffe says some real shit, I still don't like him

Productive Citizen Quits Army of Techno

Dear loyal readers, friends, and random people...

I quit AOT, for the same reason as everyone else has. I am a paranoid schizo that loves jesus and work too much to have any time to make electronic music(my only love.) I guess I will just be a lame ass accountant instead.

Productive Citizen over and out.