Friday, December 15, 2006

The greatest wrestling match of all time

Mankind is by far the greatest of all time...


Euros just love electronic music more enthusiastically

Xhibit a*:
*actually e,
Truly randomly stupid...
We love you Mr. T!


Monday, December 11, 2006

A Wiitarded Wii Strap Accident

It wasn't me, but some overly excited texan broke the plastic ring that connects the wiimote to the fabric wrist strap. There is what is left, and my Walmart care plan, which covers remote controls, but only after the one year warranty of Nintendo's expires...

Don't let a drunk person play Wii...



Texas sucks, goodnight Ohio

Friday, December 08, 2006

Madden freezes the Wii

This very thing happened to me today!
I blame EA, not Nintendo... for now...


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Check out my friend's movie about the Ohio Election malfunction


Productive Citizen

Movie Pirate captured after running like hell...

Wall Street Journal reports -

LOS ANGELES -- A federal judge here sentenced Johnny Ray Gasca, a movie pirate caught red-handed several times, to seven years in prison, less time than he might have received under harsher laws he inspired.

Mr. Gasca, a New Yorker who was discovered filming movies with a handheld camera three times in 2002 and 2003, became the poster boy for movie piracy. His brazen conduct led in part to Congress's 2005 toughening of movie piracy laws to make illegal filming a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Mr. Gasca often enlisted friends to sit beside and in front of him at movies, so no one would stand up and interrupt his filming. He often snuck into pre-release screenings. When caught taping "Anger Management" in 2003, he dumped his tape into his friend's popcorn and escaped, but was later caught. In early 2004, he told his lawyer he needed to buy cold medicine and then escaped from a drug store. It took federal agents more than a year to track him down in a Florida motel, where he was found with stacks of movies and copying equipment.

Judge Dean D. Pregerson sentenced Mr. Gasca to one year for each of the three piracy charges, the maximum penalty under the older law. Under the new law, he could have received up to three years for each incident. The remaining four years stem from other charges, including false use of a Social Security number, witness retaliation, and escape.

After his sentencing, Mr. Gasca stood up and said the case was a conspiracy by the government, according to prosecutor Elena Duarte. Mr. Gasca's attorney did not respond to a call for comment. In July, Mr. Gasca told CBS News that he was working on a novel version of his previously written screenplay, "The Prince of Piracy."

The movie industry pushed hard for the tighter laws for in-theater pirates because they are the first link in elaborate distribution chains that create the millions of illegal DVDs that are sold world-wide.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

"West Fuckin Virginia" T shirt on ESPN 11:00 PM EST Today

This guy in the crowd on ESPN West Virginny U vs Rutgers was wearing a "west fucking virginia" shirt, pretty awesome cuz it was live and they showed it nationally, and the dude was all hell yea, and wasted, so good for him, and hopefully someone tivoed it.


check out AOTV 2


Friday, November 03, 2006

Even-gelicals Are Corrrupt

Saw this on the news, had to mention it.

Since everyone else is still pooping their pants about

John "Giant Douche" Kerry's remarks.

Have a nice day, PC

Haggard Admits Buying Drugs, Getting Massage

Copies of books written by pastor Ted Haggard sit on a rack of the bookstore in the New Life Church.
David Zalubowski

Copies of books written by pastor Ted Haggard sit on a rack of the bookstore in the New Life Church. AP

All Things Considered, November 3, 2006 · Members of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs have reacted with shock to news that their senior pastor, Ted Haggard, has stepped down after allegations were aired that he had a sexual relationship with a male prostitute.

The evangelical leader has admitted that he bought methamphetamine and received a massage from the man. But Haggard, who has been an outspoken opponent of gay marriage, denied having sex with him.

Thursday, the man, Mike Jones, told the Associated Press that over the course of three years, he and Haggard had sex dozens of times.

The New Life Church's acting pastor told parishioners Thursday night that Haggard acknowledged that some of the charges were true. When Haggard spoke to local reporters Friday, he said he bought drugs from Jones, but that he did not have a sexual relationship with him.

Haggard has also resigned as President of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Inside the cavernous foyer of the church, the scene was very much business as usual Friday. Christian pop played from speakers in the ceiling, and banners advertising the upcoming Christmas show hung from the ceiling. In the church's bookstore, a sign advertising "Pastor Ted's" books was still prominent.

Friday morning, in a corner of the vast parking lot at the 14,000-member church, teenagers Joclyn Garcia and Terra Bear came to pray before school, something they say they do fairly often.

The young women said they were shocked to learn that Haggard had admitted that some of the allegations against him were true.

"I thought it was elections, with the timing," they said. "Thought it was a complete scam. Now that he's admitting to it, its just hard. It's just heartbreaking to comprehend."

Terry Collins, an outreach volunteer who comes to the church every day, said that in the face of their pastor straying, the congregation needed to unite.

"Pastor Haggard, he's made some mistakes," Collins said. "I'm going to try to be a positive example."

Eric Whitney of member station KPCC reports.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Silly Willie

Willie Nelson in drugs bust

From correspondents in New Orleans

September 19, 2006 08:23am

Article from: Reuters

COUNTRY singer-songwriter Willie Nelson and several fellow musicians were charged with misdemeanor drug possession by Louisiana police after a search of their tour bus today turned up marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms.

State police spokesman Willie Williams said the bus was stopped early this morning about 7 miles east of Lafayette, Louisiana, for a routine commercial inspection, and a state trooper smelled marijuana inside the bus.

State Police seized about 1½ pounds (0.7kg) of marijuana and two-tenths of a pound (91 grams) of mushrooms from the bus, Williams said.

Nelson and four other passengers on the bus were cited for possession and released, while the driver had his commercial driving privileges suspended in addition to being cited for possession. Nelson faces possible jail time of up to six months and an unspecified fine, police said.

"There was no trouble whatsoever," Williams said. "They were all cooperative."

A spokesman for Nelson said she had no information about the arrest.

Nelson, 73, has been an advocate for the legalisation of marijuana. He became famous in the 1970s as part of the outlaw country movement that included influences from rock, jazz and folk music.


All I gotta say is leave that old man alone,


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Best Spam Ever

My friend Tony received this:

"steven petrifaction fungible remitting jacobson. davies peacock despot arithmetic dominique isothermal. trapezium soliton duke hornblower beat cereal? wigwam guardhouse alleviate friable judson slur.shad tempera zebra statesman smooth bagpipe. seething blaine eerily, cole supra ancestor notate bookish condolence. berlin simper pm wapato archetype cpa, pigpen soot bangladesh. brennan courtesan cuisine aerate ely upside.foray shameface desolate, nightgown andean percept. ingrate wei cilia transferor."

This is the best nonsensical writing I have ever seen. There is not a single sentence in the whole paragraph, but I can't help but laugh when I read shit like "trapezium soliton duke hornblower beat cereal?" or "shad tempera zebra statesman smooth bagpipe." Spammers everywhere could learn something from this email.

The blog isn't called Random Stupidity for nothing!


Monday, August 14, 2006

A football team buys a football team.

Group headed by Browns owner buys Aston Villa

They both call it "football"

Aston Villa
Cleveland Browns
Playing since: 1874 1946
Recent finish 16th, Premier League 4th, AFC North
Glory Days Early English soccer dynasty with 6 titles, 5 FA cups pre-WWI; beat Bayern Munich in '82 Euro final. Paul Brown, Otto Graham and Jim Brown. Enough said.
Home city Industrial hub with surprisingly hip downtown. Industrial hub with surprisingly hip downtown.
Last won title: 1981 1964
Stadium Villa Park, Birmingham. "The Dawg Pound."
Fans Sports Guy says: "By all accounts, they have the most miserable, self-loathing fan base in the [Premier League.]" Loyal, passionate, given to tossing dog treats at opposition.
Bitter rivals Birmingham City Pittsburgh Steelers
Most painful moment(s) Relegated to Third Division, 1969. "The Drive" and "The Fumble."
Ozzy Is Everywhere Birmingham: Home town of Ozzy, Black Sabbath. Cleveland: Home of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

LONDON -- Another billionaire NFL owner is set to take over an English soccer club.

Cleveland Browns' owner Randy Lerner put in a $118.8 million bid Monday to buy Aston Villa, one of the oldest clubs in English soccer. Last year, Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer took over Manchester United, one of the world's most popular soccer teams.

The Aston Villa board recommended the transaction to shareholders and said owners of 56.85 percent of the shares were committed to the deal. Lerner is expected to take over within months.

"The basis for acquiring Aston Villa is that it is a storied club dating from the 1870s with periods of treasured memories and glory," Lerner said. "The opportunity to be a part of strengthening Villa's business operations and facilities represents a broad set of challenges that I'm eager to take on."

Villa chairman Doug Ellis, who has run the Birmingham-based club for more than 30 years and owns 39 percent of the stock, put the team up for sale last year.

Lerner's takeover vehicle, Reform Acquisitions Ltd., offered $10.37 per share, the principals announced to the London Stock Exchange on Monday. That represents a premium of about 47 percent more than the closing price on Sept. 16, 2005, the last day before the offer period. Many English soccer teams are listed on the stock market to raise money from investors.

Lerner, the former chairman of credit card giant MBNA, took over as the Browns' principal owner following the death of his father in 2002. Through MBNA, he's had extensive business dealings in Britain.

As a young man, Lerner served as equipment manager for the Cleveland Cobras of the American Soccer League.

"I never picked up so many smelly uniforms, socks and towels in my life," Lerner said in 2004 when recalling his first venture into pro sports. "I liked sports and my dad knew the Cobras owner, so he figured this would be a good learning experience for me, to start at the basic level."

Lerner would be the fourth foreign owner of a Premier League club.

Chelsea has been revolutionized since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich took over the club two years ago and invested part of his fortune to buy a team of superstars. The Blues have won the last two league titles.

Last month, another Russian, Alexandre Gaydamak, took over at Portsmouth.

Villa, which opens the 2006-07 season at Arsenal on Saturday, posted a loss of $16.8 million in the last full financial year, and lost $2.2 million the year before.

"It's a club with a rich pedigree but in recent decades, it's been a bit thin on success," said Stephen Jones, a Birmingham-based investment manager with Brewin Dolphin Securities. "For a Premier League club, its finances are pretty solid."

Villa, established in 1874, is one of only four English teams to win the European Cup -- Europe's top club competition. The team has struggled recently and hasn't won the English Premier League title since 1981.

"It's inevitable they will have to go out and spend, given that they haven't won the league in more than 20 years and finished close to the relegation zone last season," said Henk Potts, an equity strategist with Barclays Capital.

The bottom three clubs in the 20-team English Premier League get demoted to a lower division each season.

Potts said Glazer and Lerner targeted English soccer clubs in a bid to boost the appeal of the sport and the league in the United States.

Targeting the U.S. market could "revolutionize the game of football and take it from being the English Premier League ... and turn it into the global club league," he said.


So the Browns owner is going to buy a soccer team that has won since 1980, maybe that can transfer some karma to the city of Cleveland.

Not this year though,


Monday, August 07, 2006

A Productive Imeem Endorsement

The Following in an Imeem instant message conversation I had with Mark Noble a Candidate for Lt. Governor of Ohio (Libertarian)

10:19 PM

Mark Noble

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble
Did you buy V yet?

Productive Citizen
special 2 disc
that movie rules

Mark Noble
Me too.

Productive Citizen
I invite you to join our meem
Army of Techno

Mark Noble
Our meem?

Productive Citizen
me and my music label

Mark Noble
Hmm... See my Killbot Army meem...
I made that logo myself.

Productive Citizen
Army of Techno

Mark Noble
I like Orbital.
Too bad they are gone.

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble
My friend Todd is a DJ in Portland.
And my friend Mark got sued by CBS and Dan Rather for his song "Rocked by Rape".

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble
Sheesh, you don't even have Columbus, OH on your poll...

Productive Citizen
cleveland yo!

Mark Noble

Productive Citizen
I am from Canton

Mark Noble
My running mate is in Cleveland.

Productive Citizen
it is closer to home for me

Productive Citizen Are you trying to save Ohio?
Mark Noble
I saw Orbital at Nautica stage with Low Fidelity All Stars and Crystal Method.
Well, I'm working on it.
You going to vote for me?

Productive Citizen
i respect that

Mark Noble

Productive Citizen
I live in texas sadly

Mark Noble I'm the only candidate that listens to Aphex Twin.

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble

Productive Citizen
well good luck with all of that

Mark Noble
Well, you have friends in Ohio, right?

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble
Maybe you can vote for my friend Michael Badnarik.

Productive Citizen
and I can tell them

Mark Noble
Or one of the other Libertarians down there.
Tell them to come on imeem and talk to me.

Productive Citizen
I will
we need imeem to grow

Mark Noble
Bill Peirce is on here too. And our campaign is tearing it up on MySpace.
Indeed. That's why I'm bringing my campaign here.

Productive Citizen

Mark Noble
We chat in the Libertarian Ideals meem all the time.

Productive Citizen
I will be there if you need some ravers to show up for your victory rave

Mark Noble
Maybe you could help us set up a fundraver?

A tour...
Hit Canton, Columbus, and Cincy?
Maybe Toledo and such too?

END of convo

Isn't Imeem crazy?
So if you live out in Ohio, vote libertarian and we will throw a party to end all parties!

I base this on the fact that he likes electronic music and is willing to let AOT play a lot of fun shows for a good reason!

PLUR kids!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Want your firefox to go faster?

A firefox tweak that actually works. This will speed up your loading of webpages with firefox. Seriously.

1. Type about:config into the address bar
2. Right click > New Integer
3. Paste "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" without quotes
4. Integer value set to 0
5. Restart Firefox


Monday, July 24, 2006

Tiger does it with out his driver & PC's NEXTCD

I was able to take something away from Tiger's win that most people are either deconstructing too much, or completely avoiding. Tiger won only by shooting once with his driver and a couple of times with his 3 wood. This is on top of the fact that this was still a few months after his father's passing and missing the cut at the US Open (as I blogged about earlier.) He was able to not only show that you can persevere through hardships, but you can do it when your strong talents are missing. He has been criticized for driving the ball over hazards (the reason a lot of courses are longer than they ever have been.) This British Open in 2006, Tiger was been outdriven by most of his opponents, but on the first day, his 200 some odd yard shot for eagle was the unspoken message I had been waiting to see from him.
"I am the best even when you take the best part of my game out of my hands."
We can all learn a lot from this tenacity. His success can be applied to any facet of your life.

I know the Army of Techno will not give up even after a few members have been dropped, being shat on by party promoters, and the stagnant traffic of July. I have not been right, physically, since my car wreck and I am not giving up. In fact, I would like to announce right here that we are starting production on the next Productive Citizen CD project.

Kudos, Tiger. I strive to succeed the same way you have, but I suck at golf.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tragedy in India

It seems as though terrorists are hurting the US in a different way since 9/11. Almost a year after the bombings in London, an equally internationally significant metropolis has been hit. The style of the attack very similar to London's. Are we US citizens any safer since 9/11? Possibly, but our allies and trade partners have been suffering. India has been the one stock market to grow immensely since the WTC attacks, but today's efforts by the terrorists are going to have an effect on the world economy as well. This happens a week after the dictator of North Korea fired multiple ICBMs into the sea of Japan. Yes, the USA has not been hit since that awful day, but the terrorists are hitting us elsewhere now, our wallets and portfolios. I can only hope that something ends this insanity before even more awful things happen..

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


Saturday, July 01, 2006

I just keep going

This year has been extremely trying for me in my personal life.
Today, another negative thing happened to me.
I am not sure how many more things are going to go wrong this year,
but I take comfort in the success of our music websites: AOT and PC.

My subpage had its best month ever in June, and AOT had its third best month.
(May was our record month at AOT)

I want to thank all of the people out there for your support.
Your individual visits and downloads to and from our sites really keep me going.
I am going to be aggresively updating the site and modifying our interface to make it more pleasurable for the world to hear what we are doing.

My life is testing me right now, and even when I fail, I just keep going...
mainly because I know there is something about to happen.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Being a US soccer fan is harder than being a fan of cleveland sports...

I was born and raised in northeast ohio. We love sports, including soccer there, but I gotta say that US soccer is hurting! How do we tie Italy, with 9 men, and then lose to Ghana. Congratulations to Ghana, they are having a great first world cup, but my team needs to take a good look in the mirror, starting with their coach.

I love this country, but I really think all of our exquisite athletes are fighting a different fight in Iraq without soccer balls...

Think on that Nugget o Wisdom...



There is a direct correlation between countries that like electronic music and those that excel at soccer... (Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina, and Holland to name a few...)

This leads me to think that Ghana may be a better place for my music than the US...

Definitely better than Texas (where Dempsey, the only US player to score a goal is from)

My opinion will change when the world super power we are finally wins the damn thing...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Andrew in Space tries to get his point across...

[19:22] Andrew in Space: supernovae plasma held at absolute zero, trust that the vibes will take me in the best direction
[19:22] *** Auto-response: Join an army that won't send you to die

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Even Tiger misses cuts

After watching the last two days of golf by Tiger Woods, I realized that sometimes your life can effect your goals... Time and extra effort may be the only way to recover from trying situations and succeed...

This isn't randomly stupid, but just a thought...

and i guess it was random...



Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Optimistic Away Message

Since I am should do the following:
Run outside screaming.
You heard me, do it after you finish reading.
Run outside making outrageous claims about something that you will call............
Once you are outside....remain silent.
They will come out to look for you, and ....they will find nothing. Just when they think you are gone...........
That is where I have supplied you a batman utility belt containing a 2 x4, a nightstick, and some onion rings.
Now........Time to get drunk............Get nutty with a bottle of whiskey in one hand. Yes, you can only use one hand. The other you will need for disbursing propaganda for
(of course, the soundsystem will be awesome dont worry about the children attacking)

A post apocalyptic sandwich

A few monthes ago when I had not gone grocery shopping in awhile, I decided to make something out of nothing. The end result was a grilled cheese waffle sandwich. I propose that the factories and packaging of these products would survive a hypothetical apocalyptic event. If this is the case, I want to at least be credited for coming up with what will be the main source of sustenance in the future.

By the way, the sandwiches were great.



Monday, May 29, 2006

Listen up E Tards and Depressed People!

before you melt your brain any further this weekend or just sit there,

read this..
(this is only important if you care about remembering stuff)

" There is converging evidence that brain serotonin and dopamine may selectively modulate learning and memory in humans. However, this has not been directly demonstrated. In the current study, we used the method of amino acid precursor depletion to explore the effects of low serotonin and catecholamine function on memory in healthy female volunteers. Participants completed three experimental sessions: (i) tryptophan depletion (TD to lower 5-HT); (ii) tyrosine and phenylalanine depletion (TPD to lower catecholamines); and (iii) a balanced control condition (Bal). All testing was conducted in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design. Cognitive and mood assessments were performed at baseline and 5 h after ingesting the amino acid mixture. Consistent with previous studies, TD impaired declarative memory consolidation on a structured word-learning task, while TPD, acting to lower brain dopamine availability, impaired spatial working memory. No secondary deficits were observed on measures of attention, short-term memory or subjective mood state. These findings suggest that low brain serotonin versus dopamine selectively impairs memory performance in humans. This may shed light on the role of these neurotransmitters in disorders that are characterized by significant memory impairment."

Friday, May 26, 2006

His/Her AND (s)He

Hi Again,

So I have a proposal to the people that write textbooks and tests. Instead of wasting my time with this sexual equality shit, how about you switch gender every other example/question. For instance Sue CPA in question 1 and Bill CPA in question 2. Questions will flow better, it will save all of us a lot of time, and it will not take anything away from the sexual equality women have earned. I know it is separate but equal, but this integrated crap is wasting time and ink..


Sunday, May 21, 2006

I kicked someone out of my house for calling me a hippy

Don't people understand the difference between ravers, punks and hippies?
Hippies like peace and love.
Ravers like peace, love, unity, and respect.
And Punks, well they don't give a fuck.
I, as well as my music, fall somewhere in between raver and punk, so I guess I am part hippy by my definiton. The key difference is that a raver punk will fuck you up, while a hippy will let you talk shit about them (turning the other cheek.)

The person I kicked out of my house had a knife, for no good reason. He was playing with it, while on painkillers, and almost dropped in, sharpoint down, on my foot. I immediately went off on him for even bringing a knife in my house. He then said those fatal words, "what, are you some kind of hippy?" My answer, "Yea... I am a fucking hippy, get the fuck out of my house."

There are two morals of this story:

1 Carrying weapons always leads to problems.*
2 Be careful who you call a hippy, cuz they may be a punk ready to fuck your ass up.



* Texans have a serious problem with weapons. I have encountered more owners of handguns and rifles in the state of Texas than all people from the other 49 states that I know combined. Weapons are not toys and can accidently send people to the hospital or grave.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My favorite insulting word

Fucktard, it is a fucking retard...
good shit,
but why doesn't Toni Wilson do something with this website!

Contact Info for
Toni Wilson

Demand a that humanity can be proud of.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cavaliers end a winless playoff drought (1993-2006)

Led by the King of Cleveland, the Cavaliers are moving onto the second round versus the Detroit Pistons. Props to the Cavs but it doesn't stop here.

We are all witnesses.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Instant message regarding DEMF 2006

[18:51] Puck4fun: so you playin' movement?
[18:51] *** Auto-response sent to Puck4fun: I am bored... I think I will get myself addicted to nicorrete for fun... seems easier than smoking
[18:52] Puck4fun: oh wait it's Someone Else

Monday, April 24, 2006

A very stupid post

I just tried Eggo Cereal. It was better than I expected, and it may replace POPs as my favorite cereal to eat without milk...

I told you it was a dumb post!


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At 2:40 PM I almost died

Today I realized something about how the world works. If you are rich, or well-off, or have parents or a spouse that are, life comes very easy. The problem with the world is that not everyone is rich, in fact most people in this world are poor.

We have a large third world country on the southern border of the United States called Mexico. It is full of people that suffer under a corrupt government and satanism. It is only natural to think that these people need to better their lives, but is that really possible? Not in Mexico.

So a few guys come over the border to clean some houses and mow some lawns what is wrong with that? Well, our healthcare system, schools, police force, and neighborhoods suffer. It is a one-sided defense to say that all illegal immigrants are hard working and have an equal right to be here as any citizen of the States.

My father was a legal immigrant in the late 1960s, he worked his ass off to get a scholarship at an English medical school abroad and later was accepted to do residency in the States. He went through the natural process of achieving the pursuit of happiness.

Illegal immigrants are stealing their way into America. So many legal immigrants have had to go through the goverment processes yet our country continues to let the porous Mexican border exist. Not all of these immigrants are bad, and that needs to be emphasized here.

There are on the other hand many evil people coming across the border. Today, I was driving through the Milam and Elgin intersection when I was sideswiped by three men running a red light. They were going around 45 MPH and I tried to slow down, but I was probably going 30. My car was shot towards the corner of the intersection, luckily no one was there, and I got out of my car slowly, looked over at the other car, three mexicans, all running down the street leaving "their" car behind. if I didn't try to slow down, they would have plowed right into the driver's side door, and I would have been killed or fucked up. It is my opinion that these men would have run away from a dead me, faster than they did the live me.

The fact of the matter is that these men are criminals, and their race has something to do with it. Illegal Mexican immigrants should be treated as criminals and thrown into American jail. There is no reason to continue to let degenerates into our country, catch them and throw them out just so they can waltz back in. If these men get into another accident, the next victim most likely won't be as lucky as I.

I know that spelling or grammar may be wrong in this rant, but I had a minor concussion and I am pissed off at the world and life. It is cold, lonely, and when you die, that is when you are rewarded for the suffering endured.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect does not equal Existential Anarchy

I still love everyone that cares about me, and I hope you are glad I am still alive.