Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Best Spam Ever

My friend Tony received this:

"steven petrifaction fungible remitting jacobson. davies peacock despot arithmetic dominique isothermal. trapezium soliton duke hornblower beat cereal? wigwam guardhouse alleviate friable judson slur.shad tempera zebra statesman smooth bagpipe. seething blaine eerily, cole supra ancestor notate bookish condolence. berlin simper pm wapato archetype cpa, pigpen soot bangladesh. brennan courtesan cuisine aerate ely upside.foray shameface desolate, nightgown andean percept. ingrate wei cilia transferor."

This is the best nonsensical writing I have ever seen. There is not a single sentence in the whole paragraph, but I can't help but laugh when I read shit like "trapezium soliton duke hornblower beat cereal?" or "shad tempera zebra statesman smooth bagpipe." Spammers everywhere could learn something from this email.

The blog isn't called Random Stupidity for nothing!



Productive Citizen said...

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harranita said...

is that true that u saw Taker with his wife in a flight?

Productive Citizen said...

Yes, I saw Undertaker on a flight, it is yet to be determined if the girl he was groping was his wife or not. I am not one to speculate, as I don't want Taker to kick the crap out of me.

I refer you to the following post

harranita said...

What was he doing? Y do u presume (presume) the girl was his wife or had something to do with him? Thanks BTW

harranita said...

What do ya mean by groping?

Productive Citizen said...

I am amazed by your intrigue into the WWE, all the way from Badakhasham, Arrchiballabah, Turkmenistan. I have to ask you how long you have been a reader, and if you realize that this is a blog mainly based around music and social issues (including dumb things like spam and jenkem).

To answer your questions:

1. What was he doing?

He was flying like any other citizen on a plane from Cleveland to Houston after a WWE Raw event.

2. Why do I presume the girl was his wife or had something to do with him?

I presumed that the girl was his wife for 2 reasons, she had a huge wedding ring, and while they were waiting for their luggage at the baggage claim they were kissing, and grabbing each other. I have no other reasons to believe they were married than those.

3. What do I mean by groping?

Groping is what Arnold Schwarzenegger was purported to have done to countless women during his run for governorship. I am sure in the Arab world groping is frowned upon, but over here, it is done in public, and when done in moderation can be fun.

I really hope I have answered all your questions, and that after all this effort you can take some time to listen to some of my music for free at www.productivecitizen.com

Have a peaceful and prosperous new year.


harranita said...

There's one more thing I need to know:

does taker kiss well? i mean, how is he kissing? =)

Productive Citizen said...

Wow, you are obsessed with Undertaker, I have no clue how he kisses, kissed or will kiss in the future. I would hope we can consider this matter closed. I am an electronic musician, so if you have any questions about that I will answer them, but this is the last Taker comment that will be approved.