Monday, May 29, 2006

Listen up E Tards and Depressed People!

before you melt your brain any further this weekend or just sit there,

read this..
(this is only important if you care about remembering stuff)

" There is converging evidence that brain serotonin and dopamine may selectively modulate learning and memory in humans. However, this has not been directly demonstrated. In the current study, we used the method of amino acid precursor depletion to explore the effects of low serotonin and catecholamine function on memory in healthy female volunteers. Participants completed three experimental sessions: (i) tryptophan depletion (TD to lower 5-HT); (ii) tyrosine and phenylalanine depletion (TPD to lower catecholamines); and (iii) a balanced control condition (Bal). All testing was conducted in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design. Cognitive and mood assessments were performed at baseline and 5 h after ingesting the amino acid mixture. Consistent with previous studies, TD impaired declarative memory consolidation on a structured word-learning task, while TPD, acting to lower brain dopamine availability, impaired spatial working memory. No secondary deficits were observed on measures of attention, short-term memory or subjective mood state. These findings suggest that low brain serotonin versus dopamine selectively impairs memory performance in humans. This may shed light on the role of these neurotransmitters in disorders that are characterized by significant memory impairment."

Friday, May 26, 2006

His/Her AND (s)He

Hi Again,

So I have a proposal to the people that write textbooks and tests. Instead of wasting my time with this sexual equality shit, how about you switch gender every other example/question. For instance Sue CPA in question 1 and Bill CPA in question 2. Questions will flow better, it will save all of us a lot of time, and it will not take anything away from the sexual equality women have earned. I know it is separate but equal, but this integrated crap is wasting time and ink..


Sunday, May 21, 2006

I kicked someone out of my house for calling me a hippy

Don't people understand the difference between ravers, punks and hippies?
Hippies like peace and love.
Ravers like peace, love, unity, and respect.
And Punks, well they don't give a fuck.
I, as well as my music, fall somewhere in between raver and punk, so I guess I am part hippy by my definiton. The key difference is that a raver punk will fuck you up, while a hippy will let you talk shit about them (turning the other cheek.)

The person I kicked out of my house had a knife, for no good reason. He was playing with it, while on painkillers, and almost dropped in, sharpoint down, on my foot. I immediately went off on him for even bringing a knife in my house. He then said those fatal words, "what, are you some kind of hippy?" My answer, "Yea... I am a fucking hippy, get the fuck out of my house."

There are two morals of this story:

1 Carrying weapons always leads to problems.*
2 Be careful who you call a hippy, cuz they may be a punk ready to fuck your ass up.



* Texans have a serious problem with weapons. I have encountered more owners of handguns and rifles in the state of Texas than all people from the other 49 states that I know combined. Weapons are not toys and can accidently send people to the hospital or grave.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My favorite insulting word

Fucktard, it is a fucking retard...
good shit,
but why doesn't Toni Wilson do something with this website!

Contact Info for
Toni Wilson

Demand a that humanity can be proud of.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cavaliers end a winless playoff drought (1993-2006)

Led by the King of Cleveland, the Cavaliers are moving onto the second round versus the Detroit Pistons. Props to the Cavs but it doesn't stop here.

We are all witnesses.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Instant message regarding DEMF 2006

[18:51] Puck4fun: so you playin' movement?
[18:51] *** Auto-response sent to Puck4fun: I am bored... I think I will get myself addicted to nicorrete for fun... seems easier than smoking
[18:52] Puck4fun: oh wait it's Someone Else