Sunday, May 21, 2006

I kicked someone out of my house for calling me a hippy

Don't people understand the difference between ravers, punks and hippies?
Hippies like peace and love.
Ravers like peace, love, unity, and respect.
And Punks, well they don't give a fuck.
I, as well as my music, fall somewhere in between raver and punk, so I guess I am part hippy by my definiton. The key difference is that a raver punk will fuck you up, while a hippy will let you talk shit about them (turning the other cheek.)

The person I kicked out of my house had a knife, for no good reason. He was playing with it, while on painkillers, and almost dropped in, sharpoint down, on my foot. I immediately went off on him for even bringing a knife in my house. He then said those fatal words, "what, are you some kind of hippy?" My answer, "Yea... I am a fucking hippy, get the fuck out of my house."

There are two morals of this story:

1 Carrying weapons always leads to problems.*
2 Be careful who you call a hippy, cuz they may be a punk ready to fuck your ass up.



* Texans have a serious problem with weapons. I have encountered more owners of handguns and rifles in the state of Texas than all people from the other 49 states that I know combined. Weapons are not toys and can accidently send people to the hospital or grave.

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