Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RoboGeisha Trailer

"Though he’s been brewing his particular brand of madness for a good long while now it wasn’t until the arrival of Machine Girl that writer-director Noboru Iguchi really made an impression here in North America. But when he did, it was a big one - his fetishized story of a high school girl whose arm is replaced by a giant machine gun becoming a genuine viral phenomenon as it raced through the web. And how has Iguchi followed up the success of Machine Girl? With robotic geishas. Lots of them.

RoboGeisha is the latest collaboration between Iguchi and special effects man Yoshihiro Nishimura - himself the director of Tokyo Gore Police - and it bears all of the now-classic hallmarks of the duo: outrageous special effects, grotesquely hilarious gore and weapons where weapons just should not go. Machine Girl had the mechanized arm. Iguchi’s earlier Sukeban Boy had leg and breast cannons. Nishimura’s Tokyo Gore Police has the infamous penis cannon. RoboGeisha? This one boasts what the trailer graciously describes as hip-katanas, though the swords are actually placed considerably lower and more to the rear. Yes, Iguchi’s latest has ass-swords and women who aren’t afraid to use them. And that’s not even mentioning the giant robot-building, the transforming geisha-tank or the fried shrimp rammed into eye sockets.

The trailer for RoboGeisha is a virtual compendium of the bizarre and hilarious world of Iguchi, all of it narrated in bizarrely dry style. We’re very proud to have been given the world exclusive of the trailer here at Twitch, passed to us directly from production company TO Entertainment, and you can find it below the break!"
- source Twitch

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Away Messages (infinite series of reports)

JM: Michael Jackson was a great musician but ahhh...
he was a child molesting freak as well

PC: He was a great musician long before he became a child molesting freak, and he probably turned out the way he did through faults of society. Still a weirdo, but sold over 100 million copies of Thriller, there is something to be said of that. I am more bummed out about Billy Mays, he could sell anything.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Google's Dangerous Thirst for Power

Check out this story about Google drilling for geothermal energy...
With its many servers, Google devours electricity. And with search queries growing by 50%, it's only getting hungrier. The solution? Drill a two-mile-deep hole in the Earth, extracting geothermal energy and possibly destroying San Francisco with a terrible earthquake.

The AltaRock project north of San Francisco is hardly Google's first foray into electricity production; the company has hydroelectric projects scattered across the country.

But AltaRock is special, what with its capacity for triggering deadly seismic activities. With investors like Google, Kleiner Perkins and the federal government, it's no wonder the company has, according to the New York Times, denied an inconvenient truth: that a similar geothermal project in Basel, Switzerland "set off an earthquake, shaking and damaging buildings and terrifying many" in December 2006, according to Swiss government seismologists cited by the Times.

And, yes, it could happen here:

Seismologists have long known that human activities can trigger quakes, but they say the science is not developed enough to say for certain what will or will not set off a major temblor.

It's been easy for politicians to convince themselves that what's good for Google — a high-paying employer that doesn't make its money polluting — is good for their communities. That's an assumption they may have to shake off.
- Source Gawker

First San Fran, then the rest of the world. Google is out of control, and I for one like it. All praise be to Google, the one true internet.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buzz Aldrin is So Gangsta!

Behind the Scenes of Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience recording session with Snoop, Talib Kweli and Soulja Boy...

Here is the video...

This track is more gangsta than anything on Eminem's new CD...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Comfort Wipes, Innovative Asswiping

Keeping the toilet humor going, here is a REAL AD for a product called Comfort Wipe...

"The first improvement to toilet paper as we know it since the 1880s"
"The Comfort Wipe, allows you to maintain your dignity, while you maintain your personal hygiene."

God help us,


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puppy Flushed Down Toilet

A 4 year old boy flushed his puppy down the toilet...

Random Stupidity, indeed...


Friday, June 12, 2009

Play Haley Off Keyboard Cat

This may be my favorite one of these...

Truly random stupidity.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jeff Macke May Leave CNBC

After watching this, we should have seen it coming..

If you leave, you will be missed Jeff...
You crazy bastard.


Zack Attacks Fallon

Zack Morris on the Jimmy Fallon Show.
Random Stupidity, indeed.