Monday, November 30, 2009

More Stupid Commercials!

So we were hanging out at my friend's house this weekend and I was shown the following amazingly stupid advertisements!

Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage Facility

After some research I found that he has another business...
Jones Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage!

Cullman Liquidation Depressing Mobile Home Ad

Cuban Gynecologist and American Car Salesman

An Insanely Long Indian Condom Commercial

I am also going to repost Montgomery Flea Market again...

These marketing geniuses are titans of industry and a reminder of the unbreakable spirit of entrepreneurship in this post credit crisis world.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hotel Offers Guests a Night as a Hamster

- source Reuters

NANTES - It's a unique concept according to its creators, a hotel in the French town of Nantes is offering the chance for people to become a hamster.

For 99 euros ($148.10) a night, you can eat hamster grain, run in a giant wheel and sleep in hay stacks in what is called the "Hamster Villa."

Maud and Sebastien are the first ones to experience how hamsters live, not afraid at the thought of sleeping in hay or feeding on a hamster fountain and special grain.

It's a unique experience and, the guests say, just something different.

"To become a hamster, eat seeds, change our way of life...come out of our daily routine" Maud and Sebastien told Reuters TV..

The owners, Frederic Tabary and Yann Falquerho, run a company which rents out unusual and bizarre places.

"The Hamster in the world of children is that little cuddly animal. Often, the adults who come here have wanted or did have hamsters when they were small," Falquerho said, dressed as a hamster.

However, the price is soon to go up as today's hamsters need, according to the owners, Wifi and a giant TV screen.


Leave it to the French to do something that stupid. There have got to be better ways to get away from life's daily routines. How about next time you want to spend a night as a hamster, just take a shovel and hit yourself in the face as hard as you can? Got any other ideas for these crazy bastards? Leave them in the comments section below...


Mayor of Sugar Land Robbed at Gunpoint

The Mayor of Sugar Land, Texas was robbed in his own driveway after a city council meeting...
- source

Just a sign of the times...