Monday, July 24, 2006

Tiger does it with out his driver & PC's NEXTCD

I was able to take something away from Tiger's win that most people are either deconstructing too much, or completely avoiding. Tiger won only by shooting once with his driver and a couple of times with his 3 wood. This is on top of the fact that this was still a few months after his father's passing and missing the cut at the US Open (as I blogged about earlier.) He was able to not only show that you can persevere through hardships, but you can do it when your strong talents are missing. He has been criticized for driving the ball over hazards (the reason a lot of courses are longer than they ever have been.) This British Open in 2006, Tiger was been outdriven by most of his opponents, but on the first day, his 200 some odd yard shot for eagle was the unspoken message I had been waiting to see from him.
"I am the best even when you take the best part of my game out of my hands."
We can all learn a lot from this tenacity. His success can be applied to any facet of your life.

I know the Army of Techno will not give up even after a few members have been dropped, being shat on by party promoters, and the stagnant traffic of July. I have not been right, physically, since my car wreck and I am not giving up. In fact, I would like to announce right here that we are starting production on the next Productive Citizen CD project.

Kudos, Tiger. I strive to succeed the same way you have, but I suck at golf.

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