Friday, December 28, 2007

I know we haven't had the best year

Dear readers,

I am sitting here printing out the stats of AOT and PC from this year, and we are definitely down from 2006. The good news is that 2006 was amazing, so being down from that doesn't mean we are done selling water and T-shirts while giving away our music*.

I know that we as Americans are having a rough year.
I know the world is having a rough year.

But, I sincerely hope that we can actually bring forth positive changes in the upcoming year.


*(live music perfomances may cost money)


antiviradinhos said...

Hey! I've read the blog for some time now. Only this blog can put a (big) smile on my face. Hey, I'm a techno lover. BTW do u enjoy listening to DJ Tiesto?
I love the work u do here.
Nevertheless, it's a bit sad that u dont receive many comments, however I'm sure that u have lots of fans around the world.

Hey, I saw in a comment that u saw Taker (yes, I'm another fan of him). At first I thought it was just publicity, however it is not. Was he really kissing a girl. Does he kiss well (by what u saw)?lol
BTW, more than reading this blog I love tecnnho. Carry on with the good work!


harranita said...

Ranic Ranibabe! I love ur blog!