Monday, April 12, 2010

KFC's Double Down

Behold, The KFC Double Down!

The sandwich contains no bread. Instead, two deep-fried boneless white-meat chicken filets act in bread’s place. They contain a sandwich of bacon and melted cheese between them, with a splat of a mayonnaise product called Colonel’s Sauce to moisten the whole.

Lettuce? Tomato? Come on. The Double Down is a sandwich, not a salad. There is no lettuce on it. There is no tomato.

But for the record? The calorie count for the Double Down is 540, according to KFC. That’s exactly equivalent to a Big Mac over at McDonald’s, and well below the 920 that constitutes a Double Whopper at Burger King.

- source NY Times

Wow, I still think the Fifth Third Burger (5000 calories) is more disgusting, but we now have another samich that could kill us :)


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