Friday, April 24, 2009

Away Messages (infinite series of reports)

So one of my friends is off the deep end.
Check out this ignorant away message...

"Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Barney Frank and any other lib or phony repube-ican deserves to be shot in the head for for what they are doing to this country"

- JM Doi April 24, 2009

Shot in the head? I hope the CIA is paying attention to GChat away messages. I don't know where to start with to explain just how wrong that away message is. I didn't agree with the Bush administration, but I never wished such horrible things upon them. This is America, and Obama is your President now. Don't like it? Get out. I am definitely not a fan of congress, but they are all we have. This blatant hatred is what leads to nutjobs actually trying to hurt our public officials. This is a lot like Palin leading "Kill Him" chants during the election. I am sure the people that sent "Obsession" to Muslim families across the US approve of JM's away message. If this is the direction of the conservative/religious right wing, I would gladly pay higher taxes so President Obama can get a pope mobile. No American should ever wish for public servants to be shot in the head. Provide your counterarguments to their policy, but blatant violent rage will not accomplish anything. I am ashamed to be a product of the same education system as this retard. Random stupidity? Probably just plain old stupidity.

Here is an excerpt of our conversation:

PC: your away message sucks
JM: they deserve it all of them ....tactical nuke washington
PC: you are nuts
JM: oh well, cant take it anymore with these bastards
PC: yea, violence and anger won't get you anywhere
JM: oh well, i cant help the way i feel

God help us,


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