Monday, April 27, 2009

Away Messages (infinite series of reports)

JM at it again with his "wisdom."

Check out the latest away message:

"The smallest minority is the INDIVIDUAL ...If you get caught up in filtering people as groups as many in Washington and the media do then you fundamentally can't believe in 'individual liberty' which is a cornerstone of our founding. This leads one to believe that the only option is the collective or socialism. This "group" mentality permeates every corner of academia and is destroying the very reason this great country has come so far in only 300 years."


So I think this is interesting. Group think is bad? I agree that blindly following what the majority thinks is wrong. People should know why they feel strongly about what they think. You shouldn't let Fox News spoon feed you talking points. But wait, does that mean JM thinks Fox News Junkies are socialists? This all or none philosophy is what I would call random stupidity. Individuals can think things that happen to be thought by other people. If a group of individuals believes the same thing, why are they socialists? Some individuals may agree with part of a group's philosophy and disagree with other parts. I agree that lumping people into groups could be damaging. I wonder if any group thinks what JM thinks? Using his own logic, would that make him a socialist?

Food for thought, and thought is definitely starving...


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