Friday, March 02, 2007

The Haternet (an infinite series of reports)

Today's story is about a guy who thinks that the next generation video game consoles are dissappointing, I don't disagree totally with his statement. But the sea of hate that spewed forth from the legion of videogamers/fanboys was intense. You tube this!

[14:54] jbizzlefoshizzle:
[14:54] jbizzlefoshizzle: my directorial debut
[14:54] PC: I agree with the name of it (Top 10 Reasons New Video Game Consoles Suck)
[14:54] PC: I am very dissappointed with this gen (xbox 360, nintendo wii, and p$3)
[14:54] jbizzlefoshizzle: he posted this blog
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: got like 400 comments
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: everyone hating on him
[14:55] PC: word
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: a few agreeing
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: but he's right
[14:55] PC: PCs are better
[14:55] PC: when pimped
[14:55] PC: still but (xbox) live anywhere could be the end of that
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: we'll see
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: live
[14:55] jbizzlefoshizzle: need to get back on
[14:55] PC: you're a retard
[14:55] PC: ehehe
[14:56] PC: that is classic
[14:56] PC: 375 posts calling him a retard
[14:56] jbizzlefoshizzle: i like how it ends
[14:56] jbizzlefoshizzle: makes me laugh
PC: being hated and loved is what is important
PC: cuz people care
[14:56] jbizzlefoshizzle: yeah
[14:56] jbizzlefoshizzle: as long as people care
PC: if they don't feel strongly either way it is not worth doing
[14:57] jbizzlefoshizzle: exactly

[14:57] PC: I can check his writing?
[14:57] PC: hehehe
[14:57] PC: we are gonna edit it real nice
[14:57] PC: hehe
[14:58] PC: kicked in the face five times
[14:58] jbizzlefoshizzle: hehe
[14:58] jbizzlefoshizzle: man, i was trying not to laugh, that's why it's all shaky
[14:58] PC: noob
[14:58] PC: 32 two year old noob
[14:58] jbizzlefoshizzle: lol
[14:58] PC: hehehe
[14:59] jbizzlefoshizzle: i liked that
[14:59] PC: dude that is classic
[14:59] PC: I hate being called a noob on gears
[14:59] PC: I am 26
[14:59] jbizzlefoshizzle: yeah, wtf
[14:59] PC: I am blogging this
[14:59] jbizzlefoshizzle: haha
[14:59] jbizzlefoshizzle: thank you sir
[14:59] PC: random stupidity
[14:59] PC: gotta love it
[14:59] jbizzlefoshizzle: lol, it fits

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