Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I failed REG CPA Exam, met Undertaker, got Diet Coke in my shoes, won the Tostitos Fiesta Belt, and had my Xbox 360 break all in one day

[20:40] AK47: when is gears

[19:06] *** Auto-response
PC: delayed 2 monthes
[19:07] PC: cpa
[19:07] CD: test didn't go well?
[19:08] PC: failed
[19:08] PC: taking again
[19:08] CD: ugh
[19:08] PC: gonna go eat
[19:08] PC: yea
[19:08] PC: ugh indeed
[19:08] PC: but I did fly back to Houston from Cleveland with the Undertaker
[19:08] PC: from WWE
[19:08] CD: haha
[19:08] PC: that was neat
*** Auto-response Ends

[20:40] AK47: Where to stephanie?
[20:41] AK47: In-Game Buddy List Added To MotorStorm - This Friday
[20:53] PC: haha
[20:53] PC: taker's wife was hot
[20:53] PC: had a huge rock on her finger
[20:53]AK47: did taker look like shit?
[20:53] PC: nah
[20:53] PC: he worked the night or two before
[20:53] AK47: he fly first class?
[20:53] PC: for sure
[20:53] PC: last row
[20:54] AK47: he has gotta be too tall for coach
[20:54] PC: yea
[20:55] AK47: the wholefoods opened today
[20:55] AK47: we bought some sushi
[20:55] AK47: it was real good
[20:55] AK47: expensive as shit though
[20:55] PC: good at a price
[20:55] AK47: and the soy sauce they gave with it was definitely not natural
[20:56] PC: still word
[20:56] AK47: and had corn syrup in it
[20:56] PC: I get fruits and veges from there
[20:56] PC: but groceries from kroger
[20:56] AK47: is everythign expensive as ballls there?
[20:57] PC: not really
[20:57] PC: it is mexico dude
[20:57] PC: no state income tax
[20:57] PC: so cost of living is actually kinda cheap
[20:57] PC: but the city is huge
[20:57] PC: so there are a lot of whole foods strategically placed
[20:58] PC: I feel like crap
[20:58] PC: woke up early
[20:58] PC: did shit all day
[20:58] PC: I won at frolf
[20:58] PC: was 2 behind with 3 holes to go
[20:58] PC: he double bogeyed
[20:58] PC: I parred
[20:58] PC: we are tied
[20:59] PC: next hole I almost bounced it in
[20:59] PC: it was windy
[20:59] PC: I birdied
[20:59] PC: it was word
[20:59] PC: I won the Tostitos Fiesta Belt
(which is what my disc golf friends call the title between us)
[21:00] PC: and it was the day I met Undertaker
[21:00] PC: I choked slammed him at the end


When is gears indeed, probably a few weeks from now, til then Nintendo Wii.


Integriti said...

you failed? wtf man. and your fucking xbox dies? its going to be a long month. maybe it means you should be working harder on aot?

Integriti said...

wait, let me get this straight... failed cpa + 360 dies? i think someone is trying to tell you that you need to work harder on aot.

CC_H said...

What a day and you met the Undertaker and his wife on a flight. So what was that like and what about the X-box???

CC_H said...

What a day and you met The Undertaker and his wife Sara on a flight. So what was that like and what about the X-Box???

Productive Citizen said...

Well Undertaker looked like an enormous biker dude, and his wife looked way younger, with an enormous ring...

The Xbox 360 is on it's way to McAllen, Texas. Where it will be refurbished most likely.

The Diet Coke was spilled on me during the flight by a Steward. He dropped it on the ground and it soaked my socks and ankles.

Yea what a day...

CC_H said...

You may know this already but hopefully it goes well with your refurbish 'cause a friend of mine went the same route and lets just say it didn't go well. Make sure you got somebody good to fix it.

Yeah, I believe his wife is like 12 years younger than him. My brother thinks she's hot and wondered if she still has brown hair? They have been married for awhile. What can I say wrestling fan;)

Productive Citizen said...

Takers wife had switched her hair to blond(looks hot). Definitely younger than Taker.

I sent my 360 to Xbox's service department in Texas. So I hope Microsoft knows how to fix their product, but for the meantime I got my Nintendo Wii.


CC_H said...

Ah that is was were my friend made the mistake didn't use Microsoft. Well atleast your smarter cause they made it worse and he ended up having to buy another one. We have been thinkin' about getting a wii but heard conflicting stories.

Did you actually talk to them(Taker&wife) or just see them? I mean was it actually Sara(if you have seen her before anyhow) or somebody else traveling with him.

Thanks btw for your responces

Unknown said...

Look on the bright side: I bet the Undertaker couldn't even get a 59 on REG if he tried.

Don't lose focus and better luck next time!

Productive Citizen said...

Thanks, Roger. I actually was able to pass the exam last summer. I am now a CPA.