Saturday, March 03, 2007

What I sent to google help center today. RE: GOOG DOCs

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Enter a brief, but descriptive subject : Goog "word" documents only have 512kb limit! Come on! Goog gives me 2.5 gigs yo, let me make a long enough file that can do justice to a CPA review sheet! grumble grumble

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I said it in the headline,
but I guess here it is again...
Google documents should have a larger file size upper limit.
I ran into this while compiling a review sheet for my
CPA exam(yes they test that much information).
I had to use MS Word,
ewww, and now I am worried I failed the exam.
Please make google documents better at servicing my review sheet compiling needs and the needs of so many students using your fine free service.

I have a website too,, please buy it.

Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure we provide the highest quality service. For example, if you received an error message, please include the text of that message.

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