Thursday, December 04, 2008

Away Messages (an infinite series of reports)

So today, the automakers are begging for a bailout/bridge loan.

I had the following away message:

Senator Shelby for President, of REAL AMERICA

Someone on my buddylist put this up shortly after:

Senator Shelby and the flat tax...I am all for it.

Now, the flat tax is one thing, but to think that an ignorant douche like Shelby knows anything about financial crises is another completely false belief. Among the bills sponsored by Shelby over the years have been bills to make English the sole language of the federal government. (source wikipedia) Now, does anyone think that is a useful way to spend your time in congress? He was also a leader in the opposition to the TARP, in the name of free markets. If it was up to him we would be eating dog food by now (Alpo is the meatiest one FYI). My point to anyone who thinks the flat tax is fair, don't you think billionaires should pay more than a guy who makes 20 grand a year? I propose leaving all rates the same for individuals, eliminating the corporate tax, and creating a new billionaire bracket. If billionaires try to move to tax advantaged countries, we can assess a patriot penalty tax.

Food for thought,

My friend will continue to provide me with stupid away messages that I can then poke holes through.


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