Monday, December 01, 2008

Away Messages (an infinte series of reports)

These messages were written by people on my buddy list.

"International court to punish nations that fail to prevent global warming"?? The carbon cap and trade and Now this? WAKE UP...The words "man made Global warming" created by politicians has nothing to do with the planet it has to do with taxation of epic proportions..It's funny how every top scientist who has proven that global warming has nothing to do with humans is persecuted.

So, apparently he doesn't think we caused this. I would just like to point out two things:

The Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1936 and continued in the 1960s.


Lake Erie is receding.

It is apparent that humans caused the Cuyahoga River to catch fire. Now, I am not saying that we caused the Great Lakes to recede, but if you look at the evidence, with an open and nonpartisan mind, you can see a correlation if not a pure connection.


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