Friday, December 05, 2008

Away Messages (yet another report)

Here is more away message stupidity from my buddylist:

How about we stop giving bailouts and start giving less Government regulation that strangles America.

Less regulation got us here. We have already started the process of bailing out various industries within our economy. To stop now would be the most irresponsible action available. Today we got a jobs report that said we lost 533,000 jobs in November of 2008. We have been in a recession since December 2007. To let the Big 3 auto companies fail would cause unemployment to skyrocket. 2.5 million jobs and people would be affected by a failure of the industry. Billions of dollars of auto loan debt would be written down, leading to even further problems in the financial sector. It is easy to drop a smarmy one liner about big government, but if you open your eyes, mind and ears, you will realize how much of a jackass you are in emulating Hoover and Shelby.

Senator Shelby wants to kill Detroit, I want to save the world.


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