Saturday, December 27, 2008

Work Still Sucks Deek

This excerpt from a paper by a dear friend “Jam Hole” in Mrs. Bastone’s English class sums everything up pretty well.

“Another problem I experienced with this poem is the amount of work involved with properly annotating the text-or any form of work for that matter. I fully believe and abide by the concept of not doing any work-at all. While visiting Puerto Rico, a fool told me that a good and steadfast work ethic will prove to have many benefactors. I then proceeded to kick him in the groin and threaten his dog, Willis. To make a long and cumbersome story short, work sux. Don't ever be misled into thinking a strong work ethic will pay the electricity bills-it won't. The lives of the ignorant are enhanced by the high amounts of work they perform. It disgraces me. Thank you. God will see us through this epidemic.”

What was true in 1999 is even more true in 2008.


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limalimão said...

Hi!I'm a big fan of house/Techno/electronic music therefore I love your blog. I've "discovered" your blog just 2 days ago, and in just two hours I read all of the posts. I must say that I have laughed more in these 2 days than in the entire year. I like your sense of humour. Anyway, who inspires you? Do you like DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Mummy? Those guys are, in my opinion, the greatest and most simbolic personas in the techno scene, right now. It's a shame most people understimate techno rather than giving this genre a chance.
From what I've read you are also a wrestling (WWE) fan. Appart from sharing interest in the same type of music, we also share a passion for wrestling. I read in a post from the previous year (?) that you met/saw some guys in wrestling. I've dreamed about it, lol! What were they doing? With whom were they? Keep posting and making music. I've entered in a site you posted and heard a music made by you and I liked the track (mainly from the 8th minute).

I hope you have a happy new year.
Keep doing a good job.